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This patient was referred to Dr Bratch for an implant consultation of the lower anterior region. Radiographs showed severe bone loss and mobility in the lower left one two and lower right one two.

All treatment options were discussed and the patient decided to have these poor prognosis teeth removed and have an implant retained bridge.

The teeth were extracted and space management was achieved with an acrylic denture. The patient was informed they would need to wear this temporary denture for a period of three months whilst the gums were healing.

After a period of three months’ implant surgery was carried out in an asepsis environment, the surgery was surgically draped and the patient was draped and prepared with anti bacterial mouthwash and an iodine swap.

Using the Ankylos system and the patients CBCT scan, two implants were placed in the lower anterior jaw bone. The patient was sutured post treatment and post surgery painkillers, antibiotics and an anti bacterial mouthwash was provided.

After a period of three months once the implants had undergone osteointegration the patient was ready for his final restoration.

A 4 unit all porcelain bridge was constructed for the patient which was fitted onto the dental implants to achieve the final result.

After Treatment

Unfortunately, many patients have undergone a similar situation and have not had the option to have a fixed restoration. It is very important patients are given the option of having implant retained restorations as it can change their smile and improve their quality of life enormously.

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